Micromanaged Schedule

BLUF: Your schedule should consist of major events only.  Let smart people fill in the gaps.

Micromanaging is a common problem for new and old managers trying to find a happy medium with their teammates.  I am dealing with an inexperienced manager who is scheduling out every 15 minutes of the day for us.  This is obviously causing issues.  It provides no leeway to take care of tasks and other business.  As a team member you feel like you are stuck doing whatever is on the schedule because that is what was given to you.

When creating daily or weekly schedules add in major events and then let it ride.  You have hired smart people in order for them to be creative and smart.  If you want them to be independent then don’t dictate every minute of their day.  For example, tell them when arrival time is for the day, group meeting times and when they are expected to depart.  I even go as far as to say arrival time is before 10:00 AM so that I can plan meetings for the day knowing when people arrive.  My major events happen between 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.  If I must have a working lunch, then I am paying for it, otherwise I don’t meet until 2:00 PM so everyone can get lunch and catch up on something before a meeting.  Giving everyone the flexibility of showing by 10:00 AM allows them to schedule appoints before or after their workday.

There is the other side of this argument, which is that some employees need to be told specific times because too much leeway will cause them to show up late or leave too early or both.  The only way you can deal with those employees is to dictate it to them so that you can have justification about their performance or lack there of.